Smart & Simple Project Management for GitHub Enterprise

Waffle Takeout is an on-premises project management solution powered by your GitHub issues & pull requests.

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Track Your Work Automatically

Waffle Takeout stays in sync with your GitHub Enterprise repositories. Whether you choose to work directly in GitHub Enterprise or in Waffle Takeout, we’ll keep it all updated in real time. Waffle Takeout listens to the actions in your workflow to know when work is started, ready for review, or finished and updates your status automatically.

  • kaylee opened a pull request titled
    "disables trap - closes #20"

    Connect pull requests to an issue with pull request title or description.

  • wash created a remote branch named

    Automatically move an issue in progress and assign self by creating branch containing issue #.

  • kaylee merged pull request
    #76 into master

    Close connected issue automatically when pull request is merged.

Manage Multiple Repositories at Once

Waffle Takeout creates a single view for all of your GitHub issues and pull requests across multiple repositories, including your and GitHub Enterprise repos.

Simple Installation

It's a one-line command to get started, and then a straight forward UI to configure it.

Additional Features

  • Real-time

    Updates on your team's board will display on your collaborators' screens with no refresh necessary.

  • Milestones

    Organize your issues into milestones for easier planning and tracking. All boards include a milestone filter, so you always know what's being worked on.

  • Throughput Graph

    Throughput shows the amount of work completed in a certain time period. For teams, it's useful to determine a cadence, to help predict the amount of work the team is capable of doing.

  • Customizable Workflow

    Your board can be modified to fit your workflow - Waffle doesn't lock you in to any workflow convention. Need inspiration? Check out our development board to see how we do it.

  • Labels, Owners, & Comments

    Cards can be labelled (for organization and filtering), assigned to individual owners, and commented on in order to keep the work moving forward.

  • Filtering

    Filter cards on your board via labels, issue text, milestone, and owner. Bookmark or share the URL of your favorite filtered views. Get exactly the view you want, and see nothing you don't.

Waffle Takeout is our on-premises version, giving you all the same great features of on your own servers. Don't want to install Waffle Takeout on your own servers? Use for free!